The Lore

Starjunk 95

The grooviest radio station in the galaxy, the Starjunk 95 is an intergalactic spaceship that transmits the newest sounds of today drenched with vintage nostalgia of yesterday. Piloted by a group of ragtag misfits, each crew member represents a different sound and style of music and together they've joined forces to go on intergalactic missions, blasting groovy music for everyone to hear, and of course...fighting the forces of evil.


The Crew

Jetta - The Groove Girl herself, this stylish trendsetter dreamt her whole life of one day flying through the skies at insanely fast speeds. She grew up in Stargaze Central of the Dogenzaka Prefecture, which is near the infamous Groove District - and that's where she got into shuffling, DJ'ing, and fell in love with music. After the music scene was squelched out she was forced to work a sh*tty office job with a terrible boss before one day realizing her destiny through a prophetic dream. She literally had to break onto the roof of her office building and chase the Starjunk 95 ship down by jumping from building to building before leaping off a skyscraper in the heart of Stargaze Central.

Jetta usually broadcasts everything groovy & funky on the Starjunk 95, and her style is super fast-paced Hypergroove & Starfunk.

Sora - She's believed to be the ghost of Gokori7, the ice planet where it rains glass, rubies, and sapphires. Not much else is known about Sora except that she has been travelling through galaxies and dimensions for quite some time - carrying with her a multitude of dreams, memories, and emotions of past civilizations. We also think she could have been part of a royal family, which could explain why the Rokakku Group has been after her.

Sora's style is vibey instrospective Colorwave Midtmepo Bass

Capturez - aka The King of Garbage Wrestling, The Prince of Trash, The Cyberpunk Luchadore From Space, & 1/2 of the Local Street Cats. He says he's an acclaimed professional wrestler who's traveled the world seven times over and fought opponents everywhere from the Milky Way to the zombie galaxy known as MACS 2129-1. He also claims he was turned into a raccoon via a failed cyberoptic experiment and somehow escaped before they could do anything else to him. 

He claims to be a lot of things, but what we know for sure is he is an absolute expert in everything related to glitches, hacking, and modding. When we met him he completely modded our ship & station - the Starjunk 95 - and turned it into a force to be reckoned with. Updated Gamma Ray detection radar, full force sonic cannon blasters, new filtration system for cosmic dust, speed booster for Hyperspeed travels...You name it and he helped install it. Not much is known about the Cyberpunk Luchadore from Space - heck even his name is technically a codename. He may be annoying as hell but because of his technical abilities we allowed Codename Capturez to join the Starjunk crew. 

His style is everything glitched out and distorted. He's the ace of Electro House and tends to receive a lot of sonic waves in the form of insane frequency-bending sounds and heavy grooves.

??? - ???

"When will we meet the other crew members? When will we learn more of the Starjunk story and what's in store for this crew? Only time will tell. Until next time..

...see you Starjunkies"



"There was a point where I was stuck. I think we all get there at times. The situation, the circumstances, and the obstacles we face are unique to each one of us - and that's what makes this crazy thing called life so interesting. In my case, the place I found myself stuck in was just as much physical as mental. It was a location far off from civilization, known by some as the Dreamfields. Amongst the rolling hills and beautiful flowers there's said to be a certain kind of magic so prevalent you can almost see it flowing in the wind. It's where people go to find their dreams. Some people end up out there for good - retreating from society or eternally chasing their dreams but never fully realizing them. In my case, I knew I was going to get where I wanted, but I didn't know when. I started to question things - I started to question everything including myself. I couldn't even see the colors or the beauty that people speak of. I was ashamed to admit that I had never been able to see any of it. I felt lost, isolated, and alone. I didn't know if I would ever feel normal again. It's the double-edged sword you deal with when chasing your dreams through those fields. Everything around me started to feel stale and monotonous. It was right at the moment where I was going to give up that something happened... something amazing. I took a deep breath and felt my heart open. A surge of energy rushed through my body and I started floating. I started seeing everything around me change. I felt like a new person flying through the fields that I used to walk through. I was alive and for the first time in my life I wasn't chasing anything. Everything I wanted was coming to me in some sort of divine timing. And I finally noticed all the beautiful colors everyone talks about in the Dreamfields.

Ironically, as soon as I started noticing the beauty that was all around me is when it was finally my time to leave. Such is life sometimes..and that's why I knew we had to eventually fly across the Dreamfields with the Starjunk 95. We pick up interesting frequencies everywhere we go - but something about these were special. These felt and sounded like a nostalgic dream reliving itself in the present moment - reminiscent of dreamy clouds in the sky and colorful flowers amongst the hills. These were the Dreamfields and I'm so glad we finally get to share them with the world." - Jetta

Enter: Capturez AKA Codename Capturez - the self-proclaimed Prince of Cybertrash and Lord of the Alleys. He claims he was turned into a raccoon via a failed cyberoptics experiment and somehow escaped before they could do anything else to him. He's an expert in modding, hacking, and because of that experiment he's been able to...alter his body. In our story today, we find Capturez at a pivotal moment in time - one where he is forced to decide between keeping his identity (or what he has come to know as his identity) or altering his physical body to potentially save his friends. He decides to step into courage and fight with bravery, and thus attaches a heavy-duty chainsaw to his arm to fight whatever enemies may stand in his way. Meanwhile, Jetta is cornered by two gigantic goons in the basement of the Kudome Deathmatch Arena, and they were given orders to make sure she doesn't make her way up to the main floor. It was looking like this was the end for Jetta when all of the sudden Capturez burst through the metal doors and immediately started slicing through one of the goons! Blood started spraying out everywhere, turning the white industrial basement room into a crimson red bloodbath. The second goon tried to use his mega barbed wire bat to take Capturez' head off but he ducked, and Jetta used that opportunity to kick the guy's leg out! Capturez swung into action and without hesitation sliced this bad guy's face right in half! Both Jetta and Capturez stood there in shock, covered in blood and surrounded by piles of body parts. It was an absolute massacre of a scene. Jetta, almost too scared to speak, tried to say something before Capturez cut her off and shouted, "We need to!" And like that both crew members rushed out of that room and down the basement hall of the Kudome Deathmatch Arena to meet up with the rest of the crew.